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Learning from Tesco, AO and more

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

What leaders say (and perhaps think) their company does and what it actually does can often be at odds. There is often a saying/doing gap.

When we say customer-led, we mean being guided by what customers value – the underlying problems they are trying to solve or the outcomes they want – and then finding new and better ways to create this value, solve these problems or achieve these outcomes, leading in a market not following, inventing not benchmarking.

When companies do this well, their customers do well – they, or we, get a better quality of life, better solutions, lower costs of all kinds – financially and also savings in effort, time, emotional pain, attention and more. And it’s not just customers that benefit; companies do well too – reaping significant rewards from the increased value they provide.

So how did some of the most successful customer-centric companies achieve this and what can we learn from them?

Find out more about Amazon, Tesco, easyJet, Handelsbanken and AO in the full article on Ambition.

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