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Going from 'good' to 'great'

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

A ‘good’ company does an OK job for its customers. It gives them what they expect in ways that are reliable, trustworthy, good value — maybe they improve incrementally year on year but they see themselves as being in the business of making cars or beer or jumpers, or providing a particular service like running trains or doing laundry or providing bank accounts.

A ‘great’ company looks beyond what they do to why they do it. They see their job as solving customers real problems or giving them outcomes they really want. Why do they have a car? Just getting from A to B, to help the family do what matters to them, to say something about their identity to themselves and others? By deciding what really matters a company is liberated to innovate, to find new and better ways to help their customers achieve these outcomes.

Read the full interview with Charlie about what it takes to go from good to great on Thrive Global.

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