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CEOs never fail to say that the customer is at the heart of their business – but they seldom do what it takes to make it a reality. This book lifts the veil… This book helps companies to survive."

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Anthony Hilton, author, broadcaster and award winning journalist


Being customer-led doesn't just mean asking customers what they want.


It means taking the lead from customers and then 'pioneering' on their behalf.

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What separates success from failure are the shared beliefs people have across an organisation, the unspoken assumptions about how things work.


Central to our questions about customer-led success are two alternative belief systems:

  1. Inside-out, close to colleagues and distant from customers

  2. Outside-in, customer-led, close to customers, motivated by finding new and better ways to solve their problems


Inside-out beliefs are, sadly, natural. Success is selling more and hitting the numbers. Achieving it involves setting high sales targets, promising money if they’re hit, shouting if they’re missed.


Outside-in beliefs are hard because customer-led initiatives are awkward – the benefit to customers is clear and so are the costs to the company. But the benefits to the company are not clear at all, at least not in advance.


It takes conviction or belief to take these kinds of steps, belief that grows as each step is shown to work, not just for customers but for the business too.


In time such steps lead to spectacular success.

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An overview of five of the case studies explored in the book

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The book has 18 stories that exemplify aspects of customer-led success

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Case Studies
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