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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

giffgaff takes being customer-led, pioneering innovatively on behalf of customers, to the extreme. For twelve years and counting giffgaff has grown and led in its sector with its outside-in thinking, trusting the community which the business serves and being steered by them to an extraordinary degree. First conceived in April 2009, it launched as an innovative new venture by O2 (by then owned by Telefonica) in the UK with the aim of seeing whether a mobile network inspired by social media and digital collaboration could create value in new and better ways for a segment of the market.

CEO Ash Schofield sums the giffgaff ethos up with one word. “It’s about mutuality,” he says. We believe that giffgaff’s approach epitomises customer-led success. They have been prepared to lead, to believe that they will ultimately succeed if they make things better for their customers (or members as they call them) by listening, trusting and reflecting what matters most to them in the ways they operate.

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